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D. H. Ruffle Memorial Library

“When I started this project in 2009, taking it public in 2011, Internet connections in developing nations were costly and unreliable at best. That was the primary reason why I decided to create an on-line library of free theological books – to assist those studying for ministry without access to a physical library, so that books cold easily be downloaded and saved for viewing off-line later. Since 2011, there has hardly been a day when someone, somewhere across the world, has not accessed this website. “

John E. Ruffle, May 2019.

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This page is an introduction to just some of the 200 documents available for free viewing and downloading here at the Ruffle Heritage Library. No need to register any of your details; no need to provide your email address – just use this site with no strings attached. Much more is here on site, including over 20 FREE Bible translations. Don’t forget to also use the main menu to explore, enjoy and share with others!

A classic selection of books from a broad range of traditions of the Church that will help you pray, drawing you closer to the heart of God.

Is the New Testament canon of scripture the inspired Word of God? When and how was it ratified? What about the books that failed to make it into the NT canon? What might this tell us about the Tradition of the Church? To answer these and more questions, we need to take an intelligent look at the Early Church  writings and councils of the first three centuries in particular. Because of the importance of  this topic, we have dedicated this entire corner of the D. H. Ruffle Memorial Library to explore the origins of our New Testament Canon of Scripture.

I greatly desire to expand this section of the Ruffle Memorial Library. Copyright restrictions mean that at present, I direct readers to a 3rd-party website, where resides a rich selection of books from the Eastern Orthodox Tradition.

The D. H. Ruffle Memorial Library is a project initiated by John Ruffle to promote Christian understanding and unity through a true and vital knowledge of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Webmaster and Librarian: John E. Ruffle: john.ruffle at yahoo dot com

During 2019 I have been adding a carefully chosen selection of links to other websites. There are so many really great websites freely available on the net, and I desire to celebrate the work of others. However, I will still be adding to the free on-line content across my site, because external links to other sites can vanish from the Internet at any time.

While I update the site hierarchy, users may find some dead links. I am aware of this, and is a temporary part of the re-organisation of the site, making it far more user-friendly. If you click on a dead link, please do mention it in the “comments” box on any page. – J.E. Ruffle, Passiontide, 2019.

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  1. This page and links updated & checked: all links working & open new windows; block-editor active. Future work: combine ‘Welcome’ page with this page. – May 18, 2019 by JER.


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