Radiance Rewound Project


More freshly un-earthed material is on the way, and just as importantly, more background information and production credits are to follow. Enjoy!John E. Ruffle, June 7, 2019.

Here I present some newly digitised recordings made from original copies of the Radiance Tapes, just as they were mailed out to subscribers to the Radiance Library in the early 1970s. In some instances, the audio quality is noticeably higher than on previously released versions released on the Internet. Some rare items have never before been distributed in any form at all. All the recordings on this page are sourced from my own personal audio cassette library that includes original tapes from as far back as 1972.

Unlike other versions of these messages, all these tapes are exactly as originally distributed. Although carefully edited at the time of original production, no further editing has taken place whatsoever. This are exactly how these recordings would have sounded back in the 1970s. – John E. Ruffle.

Spiritual Warfare – Jim Durkin

  • JD-43b Spiritual Warfare Series Part 2 – Jim Durkin We are hoping to be able to digitise this “lost” recording in this series soon.


  • JD-43d Learning to Hate Evil (Side 1)  – Jim Durkin
  • JD-43d Learning to Hate Evil (Side 2) – Jim Durkin


“Practice the Word” Radio Broadcast with Jim Durkin

I compiled this never-released radio program sampler in 1974 to target the United Kingdom, which at that time had yet to have a single mainland Christian radio broadcast station. Manx Radio broadcasting on the Isle of Man was able to cover part of England and Wales with their broadcast signal. I negotiated a broadcast deal for them to take on Jim Durkin’s “Practice the Word” show. Around 10 years later, United Christian Broadcasters (UCB) took over the station, soon to become Britain’s first Christian radio station, based in Stoke-on-Trent. 

  • “Practice the Word” UK Radio Broadcast Sampler (Side 1): “The Bold Confession”
  • “Practice the Word” UK Radio Broadcast Sampler (Side 2): “God’s Purpose”


Gary Todoroff came up with the idea of the ‘telephone ringing’ intro while driving his Ford Falcon wagon back up to Eureka from Santa Cruz after the second (1974) Memorial Day 3-day “Festival of the Son” open air Jesus festivals which Radiance Media helped organise. The theme music was a happy accident. Paul Johnson and Sam Griffith had been sitting around jamming on their acoustic guitars at the back of our church in Eureka late 1973 I believe it was; Paul on his Martin D-28 and Sam on his Yamaha FG-series dreadnoughts. I can’t remember if  it was Leslie Lesnick, Bob Doerr or I that recorded the session, (at least one of us would have been working with Paul and Sam). The session was basically Paul and Sam having a bit of musical fun. But they just hit the groove and this amazing improvised piece came from it, with a total original run time of 7 or 8 minutes. Later, despite the improvised set up meaning that the recording quality was not being the greatest, we all felt was ideal as the “P.W. Theme”.  The “P.W.” opener received a lot of positive comments from station managers around the USA back in the day, and it remains something that I feel, was a creative masterpiece. 

We were recording the shows in a purpose built studio converted from Jim Durkin’s garage on Humbolt Hill. We were always working on improving the show and round a year later, (1975), we were working on improving the audio quality of the intro. Because the original theme tune had been recorded impromptu, just catching the moment, Sam and Paul agreed to sit down and re-record the theme. Try as we would, we never did get the spontaneity and energy of the original track! I’ll have to get access to the original program reels to remember if we ever used the technically better but less engaging new version or not – it was all a few years’ back now!

Along with the masters of our album music, there’s a strong possibility that many of the original unedited master reels of music also still exist in unmolested form. In the late 1990s, Paul Johnson did a great job remastering and digitising many of the Radiance albums as part of his “Radiance Restoration” project. But many of those other reels have never been played in decades.

Part of the “Radiance Rewound” project is to rescue these masters and digitise them before they become totally unplayable or lost forever.

John E. Ruffle, June 13, 2019. Birmingham, England.  


Versions and Voices: “Turn the Tape Over..”

During the 1970s, a number of us at Radiance Media were responsible for recording those immortal words at the end of the first side of an audio cassette:  “Turn the tape over and begin playing and side two”. Here for the first time is an archive of the various versions and voices who were behind those words. 

Sam Griffith:

2 thoughts

  1. Good news – the two sample “Practice the Word with Jim Durkin” radio broadcasts are now back up and playing. I selected these two programs back in c.1974 as samplers for the UK, where we broadcast the series over Manx Radio, which later became UCB Christian radio. -J.E. Ruffle. 13/06/2019.


  2. There is currently a problem with the two radio sampler recordings on this page. In fact, the general manager who was my boss all those years ago is the one who pointed out the error. Thank you Gary – I’m working on it!

    Update: Saturday, June 8, 2019: It looks like a corrupted file issue – there is no danger to anyone’s PC, and I will re-load them shortly – am away at a conference this weekend. – John R.


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