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GO members [L-R] Ron Juncal and Peter DePalmo (founders of the highly successful Weott evangelistic team) with Sam Griffith (a co-Radiance staffer) in Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley, visiting Jack Spark’s “Right On!” offices and university commune, 1973. I was the lens-man in this shot. Sam, my best friend, was tape editor and musician extraordinaire.

This is a trial page of audios featuring Jim Durkin (founder of Gospel Outreach, parent ministry of Radiance) that help document a portion of the Jesus People Movement as it was in northern California, 1970-1976. During most of that time, I was a full-time staffer at Radiance, based in Eureka, California. The audio quality ranges from pretty bad to awful, but the historic importance of these recordings cannot be over-emphasised. – John E. Ruffle, April, 2019. 

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Jim Durkin

– – –

“Training Your Soul” [Radiance Tape JD 22] – The original 1971* recording of Jim Durkin’s classic message that helped transformed thousands of aimless hippies. Recorded at Deliverance Temple, Eureka, Ca. *Date to be confirmed. My memory places it as Spring, 1972.

– – –

“Building the Work of God” [Radiance Tape JD 27. 1/3 “The Church Series”]  – Jim Durkin reflects on the Jesus Movement. Recorded July 2, 1971. Recorded at Deliverance Temple, Eureka, Ca.

– – –

“All I Know To Do” -Jim Durkin 35 min 35 sec. Jim Durkin speaks of the initial growth challenges of Gospel Outreach. Useful for historians. (Recording date unknown; circa 1976, t.b.c.)

– – –

The Radiance Media production team, 1973. (L-R) Rense Miller, (technical engineer); Craig Kent (layout and design); John Ruffle, (radio production); [unidentified]; Larry Massey (mailing). Not in shot: Lesley, Cathy, Mike, Bob, Gary.. watch this space for more pics!


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  1. Hi Jannelle, thanks for your request! Yes, I’ll do my best to get it on the page before Easter Sunday. Also going live very shortly are Jim Durkin’s messages, “The Bold Confession” and “Changed into His Likeness”. Did you want text version as well as MP3? -John


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