Some thoughts on Prayer

by John E. Ruffle

  • Prayer takes an infinite variety of forms, yet its purpose is always one, and that is to facilitate communion with God, our loving Heavenly Father, the One who while being beyond knowing, has made Himself known to us through Jesus Christ.
  • Prayer is the most neglected gift of grace with which humans have been endowed with. Indeed, many never enter this hidden realm of prayer, and thus, however rich and successful they may appear to be, they live their lives as spiritual paupers.
  • Prayer, for Christ-followers, becomes a priceless, precious communion with the Almighty Father of all, facilitated by the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Word made flesh, and who dwelt among us, sharing in our humanity, in every point tempted as we are, and yet without sin.
  • Prayer for the non-Christian, however, can be the seeking struggle of reaching out to Him who, while often to human perception appears to be a distant, far-off, uncaring, impersonal Being – is actually nearer than any could imagine or realise.
  • Prayer is the greatest gift, the greatest remedy for sin and selfishness. It could be said that it is prayer that makes us fully human.
  • Prayer, according to the Early Church Fathers, involves the whole of creation in a prayer to our Creator-God, yet only human kind refuse to freely offer prayer, due to the sin of Adam. When we pray in Jesus’ Name, the Father of all living hears us.
  • Prayer to us should be as natural as breathing. Indeed, our entire lives should be a living prayer.

Prayer is praise; prayer is thanksgiving; prayer is worship; prayer is adoration; prayer is communion; Prayer is loving God, and prayer is love towards fellow man.

Prayer is found in the silence of tears; prayer is the overflowing thanksgiving to God for His overflowing bounty and goodness. Prayer is last intake of breath before casting off our mortal bodies through the door of death. Prayer is the offering of petitions of grace for our enemies – toward those who hate us, destroy our loved ones, and demolish our earthly tents. Prayer, then, is our thanksgiving and rejoicing as we are received-up into glory. Our whole lives, therefore, are to be living prayers. Amen.

  • Prayer is a mystery.
  • Prayer is beautiful.
  • Prayer explores the inner recesses of our souls;
  • Prayer is our silent heart-cry in times of trouble;
  • Prayer is our voice of jubilation in times of joy.
  • Prayer is about our rapture with God;
  • Prayer is the total abandonment of our selfish wills,
  • Prayer is beyond knowing, beyond human explanation,
  • Prayer is our communion with our Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ, His Beloved Son.

The prayer of faith which is so pleasing to Our Lord, is the prayer when we breathe deeply, in total surrender and love, giving our all to Him whom loves us so dearly. This is the beginning of prayer.

So.. let us pray.

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