Bounds, E. M.

Edward McKendree Bounds

Here in the D.H. Ruffle Memorial Library, I offer the definitive on-line collection of the complete eleven published books by E.M. Bounds. Never before have all of his works been accessible in one place. (“The Complete Works of E.M. Bounds” only contains eight books.)

For 18 years,  Bound’s principal work was rising at 4 am and praying until 7 am. While on speaking engagements, he would not neglect his early morning time in prayer. His first two books, “The Resurrection” – republished in 1921 as “Ineffable Glory: Thoughts on the Resurrection”– and “The Preacher and Prayer” (both written c. 1905 and privately published) remained hidden until the 1920s, when Bound’s friend, Rev. Homer W. Hodge posthumously arranged publication under revised titles.

  • Power Through Prayer – E.M. Bounds. Re-titled edition of “The Preacher and Prayer” – see below.

E. M. Bounds, c. 1864

 Also see:

Edward McKendree Bounds (1835 – 1913) was an American clergyman of the Methodist Episcopal Church South and author of ten books, nine of which focused on the subject of prayer, with all but two were published posthumously.

“No man could have made more melting appeals for lost souls and backslidden ministers than did Bounds.. Tears ran down his face as he pleaded for us all.. He was one of the most intense eagles of God that ever penetrated the spiritual ether. Yet only two of  his books were published before he died.”

Rev. Claude Chilton, Jr said: “These books are unfailing wells for a lifetime of spiritual water-drawing. They are hidden treasures, wrought in the darkness of dawn and the heat of the noon, on the anvil of experience,and beaten into wondrous form by the mighty stroke of the divine. They are living voices whereby he, being dead, yet speaketh!”

John E. Ruffle adds: “During the 1920s, editorial work on the volumes was completed by Rev. Homer W. Hodge with input from Rev. Claude Chilton, Jr. The exact number of works by E.M Bounds is open to some speculation, as he appears to have self-published two titles in the early years of the 20th century, however eleven are known to survive.”

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