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While listening to this two recordings from February 1972, it needs to be remembered that Gospel Outreach was a pioneer ministry and Jim Durkin was actively training young people many of whom had emerged from the 1960s hippy counter-culture.

I believe that this addition to the audio library will be of immense value to researchers in years to come.  – John Ruffle, May 2, 2019.

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JIM DURKIN ON PRAYER and WORSHIP: Two short messages.

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“Effective Prayer” – Jim Durkin. [Radiance Tape JD 34-side one] 30 minutes. Recorded February 1972 at Deliverance Temple, Eureka California. 

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“Worship” – Jim Durkin. [Radiance Tape JD 34-side two] 27 minutes. Recorded February 1972 at Deliverance Temple, Eureka California, (Sunday morning service).

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This message gratefully provided in digital format by Michael Burke, 2019.

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