Archive #12: Children’s Bible


Philippines School
Teaching in the Philippines
The Bible for Children – a free full-color Bible in small pdf files and in 53 different language versions! Totally amazing! To give you an idea of the amazing visual quality and textual content of this unique work, with full permission from the publishers, click below for a sample story from the Gospel:
::  Read or download: The Prodigal Son -English
For the entire work in your language,  here are the links to the external website:-

>> Hyperlink: ENGLISH OT & NT Stories -The Bible for Children

A 31 page book download about how children USED to be.. and maybe still are? You be the judge. This download contains the AMAZING true  testimonies of 12 children, gathered together and written by the famous English revivalist preacher, John Wesley.

“Book of Stories of Boys and Girls”  by John Wesley- Page link HERE 

Childrens Home Visit, rural Philippines

This section of the D. H. Ruffle Memorial Library is in Preparation. It is set to include Sunday School material for children that will take them through the entire Bible week by week.

  * * *

We also plan to include curriculum materials on this page that will help visitors to this site make the best use of the many resources available to read or download here. At present (January 2012) the full Library contains around 250,000 pages.  Not all of those volumes are online yet, and more volumes are being added weekly.  Our first goal is get them online all on one easy-to-use website; and then to help visitors make the best use of this material. Meanwhile, we continue to search for some works where volumes appear to be missing.

* * *

Why are we making this Library free and online? While we are aware that some of these volumes are available from software companies,  usually there is a charge involved, and also, very often special software needs to be installed to the user’s PC. Even some academic libraries made a charge for downloading theological books that are in the public domain and should be free. We want these volumes to be presented and arranged in a clear way, and totally free as a resource for the Church, and for theologians and scholars everywhere.


Images of associated mission among children in the Philippines. Updated April 23, 2014 JR

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