Archive #6: Wesley’s Gems


Wesley and the Anglo-Catholic Revival – G. W. Taylor 

This week, we highlight an early 20th century document we’ve unearthed that puts a new spin on the theology of revivalist preacher and founder of Methodism, John Wesley. Wesley was greatly used by God to spread a revival of faith among the commoners of England and also, travelling by horseback, to the ‘new colonies” – the United States. Although he remained a Church of England clergyman, the Methodist denomination owes its roots to his life, witness, ministry and Gospel zeal. Here then is an essay published in 1905 by SPCK (the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge – the 3rd oldest publishing house in the UK).  Written by G. W. Taylor, it attempts to link the early 19th century Ango-Catholic liturgical revival to the theology and practice of Wesley – otherwise thought to be a low-churchman. Who would have thought to link the worthy names of the Blessed John Henry Newman (1801-1890)  – one of the leaders of the Oxford Movement in the 1830s, who as an Anglican priest, later became Roman Catholic and subsequently made a cardinal – and John Wesley, (1703-1791) – a product of the Reformation if ever there was one! Their births were almost exactly one century apart,  with Wesley impacting the 18th and Newman the 19th. Both of course, shared a deep passion and devotion to Jesus Christ our Lord. But did they have much more in common  than we have previously thought? Read this 13 page document to find out!

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“Fecisti nos ad te, Domine, et inquietum est cor nostrum, donec requiescat in te.” – Thou hast made us for Thyself, Lord, and our heart is restless until it rest in Thee.” –Saint Augustine.  (The Latin is quoted in G. W. Taylor’s article, above.)


BOOKS BY JOHN WESLEY already in the D. H. RUFFLE LIBRARY Collection:

“Book of Stories of Boys and Girls”  by John Wesley- Page link HERE

12 remarkable and true stories about children and the faith, 31 pages.

“John Wesley’s “Notes on the Bible”  – Page link HERE  

“John Wesley’s Journal” -Page link HERE


We have some SURPRISE contents for the Library that you’ll find RIGHT NOW on our NEW pages, “PRAYER”  and “COMMUNITY“.

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The Word of God is the true Bread

This site is a memorial to Denis H. Ruffle, (1915-1995). Dad’s passion had been seeking unity in Christ’s body through mentoring, dialogue, prayer and encouragement. As a child, I recall him following the progress of the Vatican II Council with keen interest.

After retirement, he led the local parish “Friday Night Fellowship”  and as a result, a number of priests and ministers first began the journey of discernment through my father’s prayers and encouragement. He called himself “an ordinary Christian”. In which case, I too desire to follow in his footsteps to begin to be as “ordinary” as this extra-ordinary man surely was.

-John Ruffle


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Dedication of the D. H. Ruffle Memorial Library

“This site is dedicated to an humble man who sought in his life only to please the Lord Yeshua, Messiah of Israel.”

Rev’d. Prince Handley, President / Regent

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The “D. H. Ruffle Memorial Library” is designed to benefit everyone who desires to find true purpose and meaning in life. This can only come through the spiritual dimension; a realm that has been opened freely to us through the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ, the Messiah of Israel, God’s beloved Son.

The project so far has gained well over 200 digital PDF volumes that cover Christian theology, Bible study and discipleship. They are appearing step by step live to view or download here on this site, and we are adding to the volumes regularly. All the file downloads on this site are FREE of charge, and except where stated otherwise, may be freely copied.

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May you experience His resurrection, transformational life now & always. Amen. -Brother John Ruffle

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