Archive #5: Building Community

In this section of the D. H. Ruffle Memorial Library, we examine aspects of Christian Community past and present. As we explore missional life-styles, our prayer is that these volumes will inspire, motivate and challenge each of us to greater dedication to loving service to Christ, His Church, and also to the World. Amen.




Before the advent of audio recorders and our modern instant media and uTube, preachers would have their important messages transcribed and printed as booklets. Here we present a compilation of four sermons given in London in 1923. Soundly scriptural, they explore the values and meaning of true fellowship – with God and with each other within the Christian community. Four homilies on “Fellowship; Its Nature and Posibilities” given by M.W.B. in Lewisham, South London, in 1923: an EXCLUSIVE addition to our Library, courtesy of New Life Publications, Wales. (We are still researching the identity of the speaker.)  -added, 18th January 2012.

:: Read or download:

“FELLOWSHIP; Its Nature and Possibilities” – Four Addresses at Lewisham, 1923   (New Life)


“Anyone who wants to know what this “Kingdom of God” is all about – should read on for information and inspiration!”

:: Read or download: ‘Kingdom Seekers’ -Jesus Army UK

. . .

Let us be radical enough to love one another! May the Jesus Fellowship story be an incentive to end-time obedience.” – Roger Forster.

:: Read or download: ‘Fire In Our Hearts’ -Jesus Army UK

. . .

The first book – after our Bibles –  to be added to this library, because it is a passionate exhortation to mission!

:: Read or download: ‘Bartholomew’ – a Sermon

. . .

Written by Catherine Booth, the co-founder of the Salvation Army. She was the one who fired-up her husband, General William Booth, to get up out of his seat and reach out to the poor and destitute. What followed was nothing less than a late 19th century revival.

:: Read or download: ‘Aggressive Christianity’ -Catherine Booth

. . .

Our thanks to the Jesus Army UK for permission to post two of their books here in our library.

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