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A specially prepared morning and evening prayer book for home family use.  Feel free to download! Prepared by the ecumenical Order of St. James, Philippines Province.





JANUARY 30, 2018     RATE THIS

It’s been a while since I’ve added any new volumes to this site, dedicated to the memory of my father, the late D.H. Ruffle who was an active, prayerful and pastoral Christian here in England during the height of the charismatic renewal.

However, it is encouraging to know that people from around the world have been using this site almost every single day since it was launched in late 2011. Somewhere in excess of people from 120 nations have been on here, although the identities of everyone is unknown since I do not require any registration of personal details. Facebook makes the boast, “Free and always shall be” but here it not only is free, but also confidential.

During 2018 I would very much like to add more titles – I have a number to upload – but also begin adding an interactive index to the site. To achieve this, I may need to re-build the entire site, but be assured that I will not be taking this out of action as and when we do that.

Your feedback will be much appreciated, especially as I evaluate the viability of taking more of my blog material from Facebook and using this instead. My main group I administer is here:

2013-06-01 10.22.22
John: 45 years on and, by God’s grace, still living for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His “ministry”? To be conformed into the image of God’s Son and to live His love.” (2 Corinthians 2:18). “I’ve lived in revival during the Jesus Movement; I’ve seen His face. Now I want nothing more than to be all-out for Jesus. As St. John the Baptist said,  ‘He must increase, I must decrease.’ That scripture has been foundation to me, since my conversion in 1972. I want to live it.” John says. [See: St. John 3:30]
JohnR atRadiance-GaryT


The face of discipleship: This is me in 1972 or  (more probably ) 1973, at my ‘producer’s desk’ at “Radiance Media”, Eureka, California. I was but one member of an amazingly dedicated media team working tirelessly to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ by every means possible. The photo was taken by “Radiance” managing director, Gary Todoroff with his Leica M2. I am still in touch with most of my colleagues from that period of my life.  This facility in very drafty back room of the church builidng we had in Eureka, California is now a thriving Calvary Chapel. See:





MAY 28, 2015      RATE THIS

Until now, everything in our on-line library has been the work of others. Today I launch a preview of a personal project: my Journal. I’d loive to share with you a preview of some of the pages I’m currently preparing for publication. Enjoy! –John Ruffle







Our most popular Bible download is the Young’s Literal Translation New Testament.

YLT image
Young’s Literal Translation

Most recent versions of the Bible in the English language attempt to create a readable narrative at the expense of accuracy. . Another translation that we have rights to offer for download is The New Testament in Modern Speech -WEYMOUTH (1903) Weymouth is good at rendering the original sense of the verb-tenses of the Greek, of which there are not always direct examples in English. Another one of my favourites is The Twentieth Century New Testament (1904). I invite you to take a look and download to keep for free!

The New Testament Greek is very different to English, and a translation that handles this well is the New American Standard Bible (NASB) which we are NOT able to publish here due to copyright, but here is a LINK to a wbsite where it can be viewed for free:The New American Standard Bible

(Please note, this link directs you to a 3rd party website, the content of of which we can accept no responsability.)

Through the last few years, however, the number one item that visitors keep looking for is not a Bible, but a Bible atlas. The Zaine Ridling Bible Atlas is interesting, because little is known of  Zaine Ridling or his Access Foundation. All we know is that after vigerous attempts to track down the source, we believe in good faith that it is in the public domain. For the record, nothing on our site is published unless it is either in the public domain, or we have been granted permission to publish to the Web.

Atlas Sample Pge
An example of the beauty of this Atlas

While this does seriously limit what we are able to offer, it also has an added bonus: we are able to publish works that have fallen out of favour, or are little known. Go to Amazon if you wish to ride the trend of recent or popular thought! Meantime, enjoy surfing our site here and spread the Word.. for FREE!  -Blessings, Brother John.



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