Site Archive from 2009 to 2019


The content and links below and on the drop-down sub-menu lead to ARCHIVED pages prior to the redesign and expansion of the site in 2019. They do NOT show recent additions to the site, which should be accessed via the home page main menu and home page side-bar menus.

Since 2011, the pages which you may now access here have had multiplied thousands of anonymous hits from users in a total of 157 different nations.

This site is a memorial to Denis H. Ruffle, (1915-1995). His lifelong passion had been seeking unity in Christ’s body through mentoring, dialogue, prayer and encouragement. After retirement, he led his local Anglican parish “Friday Night Fellowship” and as a result, a number of priests and ministers first began the journey of discernment through my father’s prayers and encouragement. He called himself simply “an ordinary Christian”. May we all desire to be as “ordinary” as my extra-ordinary father surely was. – John E. Ruffle

Some Archived Highlights:

  • BIBLE STUDY LIBRARY: Click on this link to open or save any or all of these famous study volumes offered free of charge. – added upon the Feast of the Name of Jesus, 2012.
  • PRAYER A classic selection of books from a broad range of Traditions of the Church that will help us pray, and draw us closer and closer to the heart of God.
  • SPIRITUAL CLASSICS “..this Library is offered as one means to build bridges of understanding, care and compassion in the love of Jesus Christ..” John Ruffle, Dec 2011
  • WEB Links to some very different websites that offer free resources to you. Feel free to leave a comment and add YOUR favorite links too! -Brother John Ruffle

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