The Anglican Pentecostal Blog

William L. De Arteaga’s blog about the intersection of sacramental worship, healing prayer and Pentecostal gifting.

Featuring many of the writings of William L. De Arteaga, Ph.D., founder of the (now unavailable) “Anglican Pentecostal” blog. Bill is also a regular contributor to the Pneuma Review.

Rev’d. William De Arteaga is an accomplished author and an acknowledged expert in church history.

In an unexpected development, March 2019 sees my ‘Words to Inspire’ blog teaming up with the Rev. William De Arteaga after his original blog suffered a calamitous error and went offline with no back-up earlier this year. I have recovered much of Bill’s writing from various sources, including original files he has sent to me. – John Ruffle 29/03/2019

William Arteaga writes: “I was raised in a devout Christian household, but lost my faith for a while. After I returned from a stint in Vietnam I was touched by the Charismatic Movement and have been on fire for the Lord since. I work in the healing ministry by showing churches how to empower lay folks to do effective healing ministry. I have written four books on healing and revival, and have several more books planned. “

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