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The Historical Writings of B. J. Kidd

New volumes added for 2016:

A History of the Church A.D. 461, (1922) by B.J. Kidd

Having just posted a page here lamenting the lack of Kidd’s theological works on the Net, I was able to get a digital copy of the three volumes I was after:  ‘Documents Illustrative of the History of the Church’.




Also new for 2016:




All these volumes in one place right here, FREE for you to download!

Rev. B. J. Kidd (1 January 1864 – 15 May 1948)

Our Most Popular Downloads


Our most popular Bible download is the Young’s Literal Translation New Testament.

YLT image
Young’s Literal Translation

Most recent versions of the Bible in the English language attempt to create a readable narrative at the expense of accuracy. . Another translation that we have rights to offer for download is The New Testament in Modern Speech -WEYMOUTH (1903) Weymouth is good at rendering the original sense of the verb-tenses of the Greek, of which there are not always direct examples in English. Another one of my favourites is The Twentieth Century New Testament (1904). I invite you to take a look and download to keep for free!

The New Testament Greek is very different to English, and a translation that handles this well is the New American Standard Bible (NASB) which we are NOT able to publish here due to copyright, but here is a LINK to a wbsite where it can be viewed for free:The New American Standard Bible

(Please note, this link directs you to a 3rd party website, the content of of which we can accept no responsability.)

Through the last few years, however, the number one item that visitors keep looking for is not a Bible, but a Bible atlas. The Zaine Ridling Bible Atlas is interesting, because little is known of  Zaine Ridling or his Access Foundation. All we know is that after vigerous attempts to track down the source, we believe in good faith that it is in the public domain. For the record, nothing on our site is published unless it is either in the public domain, or we have been granted permission to publish to the Web.

Atlas Sample Pge
An example of the beauty of this Atlas

While this does seriously limit what we are able to offer, it also has an added bonus: we are able to publish works that have fallen out of favour, or are little known. Go to Amazon if you wish to ride the trend of recent or popular thought! Meantime, enjoy surfing our site here and spread the Word.. for FREE!  -Blessings, Brother John.


The Holy Bible: the Gold Standard for Life!

The Bible indeed is a divine revelation for God’s ‘gold standard’ for human life lived in harmony with our creator. The New Testament reveals how Jesus Christ restored the thread that sin had broken. SOAK in His Word. Be transformed by the acceptance of what Jesus did for YOU and me on the Cross and surrender to His life giving, forgiving power.

Although I originally uploaded the documents below a while ago,  my prayer is that those who have not yet seen them will be profoundly touched by our Lord Jesus and His Holy Spirit. May you have a journey that truely is transformational for you and your loved-ones! – Brother John, 10th May, 2015.

FREE BIBLE download page: Click on the links below to read on-line; to search, save or print any or all of these versions of God’s Holy Word in PDF format files.


:: View or download pdf:

The Dead Sea Scrolls Exibit

The Dead Sea Scrolls: Psalms

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:: View or download: The New Testament in Modern Speech -Weymouth (1903)

:: View or download: The Twentieth Century New Testament (1904)

:: View or download: The Emphasised Bible (1902)

:: View or download: The Emphatic Diaglott (Interlinear Bible)

:: View or download: The Holy Scriptures According to the Masoretic Text (O.T., 1917)

:: View or download pdf:

Codex Vaticanus -New Testament. The earliest extant Bible ms. (4th Century, Greek)

Vaticanus Image

Matthew Ch. 11 verse 8b -10a, 4th C. Greek

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:: View or download: American Standard Bible (O.T.) -indexed

:: View or download: American Standard Bible (N.T.) -indexed

:: View or download: Darby Translation Bible  (O.T.) -indexed

:: View or download: Darby Translation Bible (N.T.) -indexed

:: View or download: Douay-Rheims Bible (with Apocrypha) -no index

:: View or download: King James Version (KJV) Bible -indexed

:: View or download: Wescott & Hort Interlinear Greek/Eng.  (N.T.) -indexed

:: View or download: Webster’s Bible -indexed

:: View or download: World English Bible -indexed

:: View or download: Young’s Literal Translation (YLT) -semi-indexed

CEB Logo
CEB -Published in 2011

The Common English Bible (2011), tagged by the publishers as “A fresh translation to touch heart and mind”, is a translation begun in late 2008 and finished in 2011, including the Apocrypha. One hundred and twenty scholars from twenty-four denominations worked on the translation. Sample books here are reproduced with kind permission of the five publishers involved in the project, who have made them freely available. Copyright 2011. All rights reserved.




:: View or download: Common English Bible 2011 (CEB) -Genesis

:: View or download: Common English Bible 2011 (CEB) -Psalms

:: View or download: Common English Bible 2011 (CEB) -St Luke

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:: View or download: Vine’s Expository Dictionary of O.T. & N.T. Words

:: View or download: Strong’ s Hebrew Dictionary of OT Words

:: View or download: Strong’s Greek Dictionary of NT Words

The Bread of Life


All works are in the public domain unless otherwise specified. This compilation copyright 2011, 2015, D. H. Ruffle Memorial Library. May be freely copied and distributed for legitimate not-for-profit use only. Please include a link to this page with acknowledgement intact if re-posted.

Re-Working the Way We Manage

“What’s the secret to unlocking the creativity hidden inside your daily work, and giving every great idea a chance?

“Harvard professor Linda Hill, co-author of ‘Collective Genius,’ has studied some of the world’s most creative companies to come up with a set of tools and tactics to keep great ideas flowing — from everyone in the company, not just the designated ‘creatives.'”

See more on my sister-blog here:  World Educators’ Org



Prayer takes an infinite variety of forms, yet its purpose is always one, and that is to facilitate communion with God, our loving Heavenly Father, the One who while being beyond knowing, has made Himself known to us through Jesus Christ.

Prayer is the most neglected gift of grace with which humans have been endowed with. Indeed, many never enter this hidden realm of prayer, and thus, however rich and successful they may appear to be, they live their lives as spiritual paupers.

Prayer, for Christ-followers, becomes a priceless, precious communion with the Almighty Father of all, facilitated by the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Word made flesh, and who dwelt among us, sharing in our humanity, in every point tempted as we are, and yet without sin.


Prayer for the non-Christian, however, can be the seeking struggle of reaching out to Him who, while often to human perception appears to be a distant, far-off, uncaring, impersonal Being – is actually nearer than any could imagine or realise.

Prayer is the greatest gift, the greatest remedy for sin and selfishness. It could be said that it is prayer that makes us fully human.

Prayer, according to the Early Church Fathers, involves the whole of creation in a prayer to our Creator-God, yet only human kind refuse to freely offer prayer, due to the sin of Adam. When we pray in Jesus’ Name, the Father of all living hears us.

Prayer to us should be as natural as breathing. Indeed, our entire lives should be a living prayer.

Embrace our Heavenly Father, therefore, through prayer. Amen.


Prayer is praise; prayer is thanksgiving; prayer is worship, prayer is adoration and prayer is communion. Prayer is loving God and prayer is love towards fellow man.


Prayer is found in the silence of tears; prayer is the overflowing thanksgiving to God for His overflowing bounty and goodness. Prayer is last intake of breath before casting off our mortal bodies through the door of death. Prayer is the offering of petitions of grace for our enemies – toward those who hate us, destroy our loved ones, and demolish our earthly tents. Prayer, then, is our thanksgiving and rejoicing as we are received-up into glory.

Our whole lives, therefore, are to be living prayers. Amen.



Prayer is a mystery.

Prayer is beautiful.

Prayer explores the inner recesses of our souls;

Prayer is our silent heart-cry in times of trouble;

Prayer is our voice of jubilation in times of joy.

Prayer is about our rapture with God;

Prayer is the total abandonment of our selfish wills,

Prayer is beyond knowing, beyond human explanation,

Prayer is our communion with our Heavenly Father.

The prayer of faith which is so pleasing to Our Lord,

Is the prayer when we breathe deeply,

In total surrender and love,

Giving our all to Him whom loves us so dearly.

This is the beginning of prayer. Amen.

 2013-06-01 10.22.22

– John Ruffle, December 31, 2014.

Another Imitation ..but it’s good!

Yes, here’s  ANOTHER Imitation – “The Imitation of Christ” by Thomas á Kempis that is!  

It has to be one of the most popular devotional books ever written, and here we offer a second version for free download – this time, a beautiful facsimile of the 1881 edition. Thomas á Kempis’ lived a long life straddling the 14th and 15tth centuries, and was a monk and priest, and his work is a genuine Christian Classic.

To complement this work I am also making available a 19th century essay about “The Imitation” by Brother Azarias. This is part of a larger work, and don’t worry, I will be uploading the entire 1893 edition of the work shortly (details below).

Finally for now, ANOTHER digital version of “My Daily Bread” – which we first made avaliable just before Easter this year! Happy downloading! -Brother John


new2image “Of The Imitation of Christ” – Thomas á Kempis (1881) Facsimile Edition

In many ways, the older language in this 19th century version (we already have a newer 1940 Edition in the library) speaks in a less hurried tone, which some of us may prefer.

new2image “Spiritual Sense and the Imitation” – Brother Azarias (1892)

‘Spiritual Sense and the Imitation’ is an essay on The Imitation of Christ, and is Chapter 8 of a larger volume by Brother Azarias, entiled “Phases of Thought and Criticism.” We will shortly be adding the entire 2nd edition (1893) edition of this work to our library here.

new2image “My Daily Bread” – A. J.Paone (1953) Facsimile Edition

A daily meditation. If you like “The Imitation of Christ” you’ll love this book too! This is the 2nd digital version of this important work on the spirutal life. The text of both is the same, but I for one prefer the formating of this one. Now that we have written copyright clearance, we are happy to offer this, our personal favorite gem!  – Click here to view or download the alternative copy of “My Daily Bread”

John Ruffle
John Ruffle

Working Behind the Scenes!

Dear Friends,

I’ve been beavering away at odd moments to improve what we have here at the D H Ruffle Memorial Library. In the process of preparing more books to add, I may have in all innocence crossed the line on a copyright or two, so I will be seeking out clarifications and/or permissions where needed before posting.

A couple of things that we need here: (1) a hyperlinked index of titles (which may require a complete re-design so is not an overnight fix!) and (2) a section devoted to hyperlinks to external sites where we cannot obtain permission to use original material. (For instance, at present, this applies to any document sourced at the Vatican.)

Finally, I can only apologise for the lack of updates here. However, I am very thankful that the Library is consistantly getting hits from around the world, and this indeed was the fundamental purpose of this tool in the very first place.  


Yours in the Love of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior,


John Ruffle


Christian Newsletter of the Year Awards 2013

NEW for 2014:
The D. H. Ruffle Memorial Library Launches the Christian Newsletter of the Year Awards 2013.

It’s good to stay in touch with our faith both historically (which is the point of my collection of over 100 free downloads here) and with events as they happen around the world today. And that’s where Christian newsletters, feed and blogs come in. I’ve selected the top 6 newsletters that have helped inform and inspire me during the past 12 months.

#5: The Catholic News Agency

#4: Christianity Today

#3: The Christian Post Daily Newsletter

#2: UCA News: Catholic News Asia


JOINT NUMBER ONE WINNERS: Charisma News and New Advent: Catholic News.

Joint #1: Charisma News

     Charisma News realizes that the Body of Christ is bigger and more diverse than just the charismatic movement, while remaining faithful to their Biblical roots. They have a multitude of FREE newsletter resources they mail out if requested, reporting on what’s happening (mainly) in the North American neo-penticostal and new church scene.

     Charisma News gets the award for challenging the excesses of the wealth and prosperity preaching variety of mega-church pastors, who really DO live what they preach. Unfortunately.


Joint #1: New Advent: Catholic News

     New Advent Catholic News helps you discover the Jesus-loving church that is the Catholics’ best kept secret. Launched by Kevin Knight after the 1993 World Youth Day led by Pope John Paul II, it began as an online resource project -much like my own here- but in Kevin’s case, to digitize the 1913_Catholic_Encyclopedia. But New Advent has grown to be much more, with its regular newsletters unfailingly putting the finger on the pulse on what’s happening in the Catholic Christian world.

     New Advent gets the award for remaining independent while at the same time being faithful to the Catholic Church, which can be quite hierarchical at times. Even under Pope Francis.


PS: I struggled for ages over who to award the top spot to, and I finally decided I had to make a JOINT TOP AWARD. It so happens that one’s Catholic and the other Protestant, which makes me doubly happy. Both Charisma News and New Advent have been of immeasurable help for me to personally keep abreast last year of what really counted in terms of keeping my personal faith in Jesus relevant, scriptural and inspired. I hope these FREE Newsletters help you too during 2014.

Enjoy the faith journey!
Brother John Ruffle
Founder, The D.H.Ruffle Memorial Library.


Orphan Planet? – Finding Harmony and God’s Will in 2013

We reflect upon the Nativity of Our Lord and think further about how the Incarnation of the Living Word of God might impact the Church, our lives, and indeed this world during this New Year. At this time let us pause to reflect upon the wonder of the “Word made flesh” and dwelling among us. We are NOT an orphan planet, but part of a beautiful creation that our Father God Adoni has not only blessed.. but LOVES constantly with arms outstretched, welcoming us home to be united with Him through Jesus Christ, Yeshua the long awaited Messiah of Israel.

As world leaders struggle to find answers to global problems that are the result of our own chaos and sin, the answer is ever before them in the person of Christ.. The One whom they reject and cast out of western society as an intruder, as laws are passed that disregard the law and the love, compassion, and mercy of God. Finding God’s will in the midst of a pagan society is as simple – and costly- as a total on-going heart-surrender to Jesus Christ, the crucified, risen and ascended Lord of all.

To do this effectively we need a portrait of Jesus. We find this in the pages of Holy Scripture. The Early Church Fathers add colour to those pages as we learn of the struggles, heart searching and triumphs of the early Church. These writings are all here on my website, totally free for you to download.. around 200 individual volumes.

As we consider the impact of these historic and eternal truths upon the imprint of our own souls, I pray that my online library of free Bibles and devotional books will help you in your quest in 2013. May the God of Israel and the Redeemer of all mankind bless and inspire you by His Holy Spirit now and always, amen.

Your brother,
John Ruffle +
Curator and Lector