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“This digital library of theological books is a tribute to a life that bears the hallmark of loving kindness, humility and devotion to God. May these volumes be freely used to encourage the Body of Christ around the world, and to assist us all in our quest to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. Amen.”

John E Ruffle, OSJ
Founding Librarian

“Bartholomew & World Missions” -Inaugural Message

– View or download: Bartholomew & World Missions -a sermon

Be the first to taste the first uploaded digital volume in the pre-launch of the ‘D. H. Ruffle Memorial Discipleship Library’.

This sermon was preached by the Bishop of New Zealand to the gathered national church mission leadership in the Cathedral Church of Salisbury, New Zealand. Although preached nearly 150 years ago, (on the 29th August, 1854), the words still ring out, resonating via the internet today. “We are called this day to a great and holy work: no less than the fulfilment of our part of the commandment of our Blessed Lord, to “go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.”  Let this, then, be our determination in this new digital age in which the Church finds herself. And may we give glory to the Lord Jesus Christ who saves us, Amen!  (26 pages; PDF format file)


Welcome to The D. H. Ruffle Memorial Library

The Word of God is the true Bread

This website is just like baking fresh bread (something D. H. Ruffle’s son, John loves doing) .. but in the HEAVENLY realm. Since August 2011,  John Ruffle has been working on a digital library of Bibles, commentaries and outstanding theological works in memory of his father D.H. Ruffle, who was a dedicated catholic lay leader, champion for reconciliation and author -his book “Some Thoughts on the Christian Life” was published after his death. John is currently preparing a 2nd slightly updatged edition of this book, so watch this space!
This site is a memorial to my father, Denis H. Ruffle, (1915-1995). Dad’s passion had been seeking peace and unity in Christ’s body through mentoring, dialogue, personal prayer and encouragement. As a child, I recall him following the progress of the Vatican II Council with keen interest. After retirement, he led the local parish “Friday Night Fellowship”  and as a result, a number of priests and ministers first began the journey of discernment through my father’s prayers and encouragement. Yet, he called himself “an ordinary Christian”. Maybe he was. In which case, I too desire to follow in his footsteps, to be even half an “ordinary” as this extra-ordinary man – my father- surely was. (The photos here are me – but very soon we’ll have archive photos of my dad, D. H . Ruffle here too!)
In many countries, there are very poor facilities for theological training, and virtually no academic books at all. Meanwhile, the West is flooded with many volumes of popular theology, while the works of our fathers lay mainly unread. This should not be! Add to this, the poor or non-existent Internet connections (in some countries the Internet is monitored closely) and we can see that the need for such a collection on-line (and also off-line via USB memory sticks) is great.
Developing the Project


The volumes themselves include (at the current count) 12 Bible versions, and selections that represent a very wide spectrum of Christian orthodoxy, from Eastern, Roman and Protestant perspectives. The volumes include  many pre-Reformation works, since Protestant thought really only covers around 500 years – less than one-quarter of Christian history. Despite the undeniable world-wide growth of pentocostalism in recent years,  Bible colleges from this tradition tend not to engage in pre-Reformation study in any depth. This library, it is hoped, opens up new windows of opportunity for them too, regardless of their location around the world. Also included are more recent volumes that include the Charismatic Renewal,  The Jesus People Movement (JPM), Living in Community, new Church planting and mission apostolates. As of January 2012, over 100 volumes are on the website, with many more being added progressively throughout the year. Also, a links page to other website resources is to be included later.
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