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John Ruffle: Pursuing a Vision

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John is the driving force behind the idea of an on-line library of devotional and theological books that chart the course of Christian history.

While there are many other sites offering free theological book downloads, few offer such a wide variety, and at absolutely no charge.  These volumes are actually stored here on the website, – not just hyper-linked -so there never will be a problem with broken links. Additionally, step by step, John is adding comments to the volumes, so that they become more useful in spiritual formation or just for simple inspiration. Truly, there is something for everybody here, and John is happy to attempt to answer your questions – just email him at  Watch this space. There are literally hundreds more volumes John plans to upload, but as he is a full-time lecturer, he works on the site in his spare time.


John was born and raised within a Christian family in London, England. At 20 years of age, having just completed a year exchange study at Penn State University, John was on a marathon 10,000 mile hitch-hiking tour of USA, Canada and Alaska when, on his first day in California, he had a significant life-transforming encounter with Jesus Christ.

Lighhouse Ranch, Eureka Ca.

This was at the height of the Jesus People revival phenomenon that swept through the counter-culture ‘hippy’ movement during the late 1960s through to the mid-1970s. Following the call of Jesus to his original disciples, John literally “forsook all” to follow Jesus in a common-purse Christian community for the next four years. While at ‘Lighthouse Ranch’ he helped pioneer “Radiance Media Ministry”, producing a syndicated radio teaching show and engineering a number of folk Gospel albums. John also co-produced a radio program catechesis series for the local Roman Catholic parish. For John, all this was more than a Bible school – it was a discipleship and mission training centre, and would prove to be the foundation for John’s subsequent mission and teaching ministry to four continents. Recently, John has undertaken post-graduate studies in Pastoral Theology at St. Mary’s College, Stawberry Hill. He is an ordained deacon within the Order of St. James in the UK.

John has long desired to help poorer nations develop church leadership. In 1995, in memory of his father, D. H. Ruffle, John shipped books to Nigeria in a bid to help create a village Christian formation centre.  Now, in 2012, John has renewed that vision to take it global via the Internet, helping to train national church leadership regardless of denomination,  by granting free and easy access to  important Christian writings. As he continually adds to the pdf files here, John’s passion for active mission is still to share transforming  life-experiences with teenagers and young adults who are destined to change the world through radical discipleship and Christian humanitarian work in poorer nations, following in the paths of our Master, Jesus Christ.


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