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The Dead Sea Scrolls Exibit

The Dead Sea Scrolls: Psalms

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:: View or download: The New Testament in Modern Speech -Weymouth (1903)

:: View or download: The Twentieth Century New Testament (1904)

:: View or download: The Emphasised Bible (1902)

:: View or download: The Emphatic Diaglott (Interlinear Bible)

:: View or download: The Holy Scriptures According to the Masoretic Text (O.T., 1917)

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Codex Vaticanus -New Testament. The earliest extant Bible ms. (4th Century, Greek)

Vaticanus Image

Matthew Ch. 11 verse 8b -10a, 4th C. Greek

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:: View or download: American Standard Bible (O.T.) -indexed

:: View or download: American Standard Bible (N.T.) -indexed

:: View or download: Darby Translation Bible  (O.T.) -indexed

:: View or download: Darby Translation Bible (N.T.) -indexed

:: View or download: Douay-Rheims Bible (with Apocrypha) -no index

:: View or download: King James Version (KJV) Bible -indexed

:: View or download: Wescott & Hort Interlinear Greek/Eng.  (N.T.) -indexed

:: View or download: Webster’s Bible -indexed

:: View or download: World English Bible -indexed

:: View or download: Young’s Literal Translation (YLT) -semi-indexed

CEB Logo
CEB -Published in 2011

The Common English Bible (2011), tagged by the publishers as “A fresh translation to touch heart and mind”, is a translation begun in late 2008 and finished in 2011, including the Apocrypha. One hundred and twenty scholars from twenty-four denominations worked on the translation. Sample books here are reproduced with kind permission of the five publishers involved in the project, who have made them freely available. Copyright 2011. All rights reserved.



:: View or download: Common English Bible 2011 (CEB) -Genesis

:: View or download: Common English Bible 2011 (CEB) -Psalms

:: View or download: Common English Bible 2011 (CEB) -St Luke

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:: View or download: Vine’s Expository Dictionary of O.T. & N.T. Words

:: View or download: Strong’ s Hebrew Dictionary of OT Words

:: View or download: Strong’s Greek Dictionary of NT Words

The Bread of Life


All works are in the public domain unless otherwise specified. This compilation copyright 2011 D. H. Ruffle Memorial Library. May be freely copied and distributed for legitimate not for profit academic use only. Please include a link to this page with acknowledgement intact if re-posted.


14 thoughts on “BIBLE”

  1. The entrance of thy word bringeth…LIGHT! (KJV)!!
    First the new birth then the nourishing of the “new man”! Thy word have I hid in my heart that I might
    not sin against thee.

  2. The central critical fact remains that while the entire line of scripture are records, the outstanding record of scripture on earth and the scripture of final authority is the published text and form of the AV 1611 KJV Holy Bible. All KJV Holy Bibles are editions of the AV 1611 KJV first edition, reprinted a billion times and loved by Christians for over 400 years.

    1. With due respect, I can’t possibly see how the 1611 Authorised Version of the Bible (an English translation) can be ‘final authority’ over and above the Greek and Hebrew manuscripts. Who made English the yardstick by which all other translations should be measured by? With God’s blessings, JR

    1. Yes. Future plans include a host of links to sites that contain copyright material, that I am unable to post directly here. Might be a little time before I can do it all justice, however. Meantime, I hope everyone can enjoy and make use of what is here free! -JR

      1. I am involved in a writing project currently, so frankly that’s why I really can’t devote the time to upgrade this site the way I would eventually like to. But the site here is not forgotten and is quite useable .. and FREE and always will be – as Facebook says!

  3. What are your future addons? Could u add barnes complete bible notes? Hope to hear from u soon. Also, ANDREW MURRAY THE INNER CHAMBER AND THE INNER LIFE. PAX& BONUM.

    1. Dear Mr. Welch,

      I have not forgotten about adding more books; and will remember your requests to keep in mind too. Been busy on other projects, but am slowly getting back to add more titles. Currently am seeking permissions.



    2. I simply don’t have the time to add further volumes at present, as I am involved in writing a book. What I would like to do at some point is re-engineer the site so that the index is hyperlinked. I can do it, but it will be time consuming, so that’s why I’ve not updated anything here for the past 12 months. Thank you for your interest!


      1. (Everything I’ve ever done on this site has been totally out of my own pocket and time. I don;t get paid a cent / penny from any church or organisation. Not complaining .. The Lord provides! 🙂

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