Berean Interlinear NT – PDF

This Bible is free to download and is resident on this website. Used by permission. “Freely you have received, freely give.” – Matthew 10:8.

The Berean Greek NT; Berean Literal NT; Berean Interlinear NT and Berean Study Bible (BSB), Copyright ©2016, 2018 by Bible Hub. Used by Permission. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Website: Licence granted to Ruffle Mission/Good News Services, March 1, 2019.

Page compilation copyright 2019 Ruffle Mission / Good News Services.
Updated: March 3 & March 22, 2019

2 thoughts

  1. Dear Rev. Pergil, thank you for your permissions request. The good news is that yes, you indeed may download it and use portions or the entire text for personal, church or missions use, with certain strict conditions imposed by the original publisher. You may not make a charge for any copies you may make (which means that you may not charge for your photocopying or printing costs), and you must include the copyright notice as it appears below:

    “The Berean Interlinear Bible text may be quoted in any form (written, visual, audio, or electronic) up to two thousand (2000) verses without written permission of the publisher. Also without requirement of written permission, you are free to make up to 200 copies of any portion of this text, or the full text itself, for personal use or free distribution in a church, ministry, or missions setting. Notice of copyright must appear on the title page as follows:

    “The Holy Bible, Berean Interlinear Bible, BIB
    Copyright ©2016 by Bible Hub
    Used by Permission. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. “


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