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As a redeemed and recycled 1970s Jesus Freak, John spear-headed numerous extreme Christian missions on four continents and mentored many before his journey home to the Catholic faith and the sacramental presence of our Lord Jesus Christ in 2013. John built the online 'D. H. Ruffle Memorial Library' where over 100 digitised Christian books - including many Bibles - are available to download free of charge. He is currently upgrading the Ruffle Mission website and writing a memoir to be published soon.

The Zaine Ridling BIBLE ATLAS

– View or download: Ridling Bible Atlas


Atlas Sample Pge

This full colour Bible Atlas is a 197 page gem, edited by Zaine Ridling, Ph.D, and published by the Access Foundation. This is a recent work, containing 132 high quality, informative maps showing physical geography and the historical changes of Old and New Testaments. Just one of a dozen Bible Study aids  for free download!

Copyright Access Foundation. Used by permission. This work is available for non-profit educational and academic purposes.

Young’s Literal Translation (YLT) Bible

YLT image

Originally published in 1862, the YLT Bible is a worthy translation that takes special care to render the Hebrew and Greek tenses as accurately as possible, and was updated several times during the 19th century. This complete Bible includes both Old and New Testaments in a single PDF file. You may save it to your PC, print, and even ‘copy & paste’ selected texts to a word-processor or email. An invaluable resource for all Bible scholars, preachers and teachers!

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