A Closer Look at the Transgender Trend

William DeArteaga

By published author and recognised authority on Pentecostalism, Rev. Dr. William De Areteaga.

The Demonic Origins and Confusion of the Transgender Issue

“..many psychiatrists still treat schizophrenia exclusively as a chemical disorder of the brain, and try to medicate it to submission – but wind up never really curing it. Many others have learned to treat the voices as if they were real entities. They encourage the patients to ‘negotiate’ with the voices and come to some sort of understanding and liveable arrangement.”

William DeArteaga


An Introduction by John E. Ruffle

A Closer Look at the Transgender Trend: I first became aware of Rev. Bill DeArteaga’s writings in 1996 when reading his book, “Quenching The Spirit: Discover the real spirit behind the Charismatic controversy.” I was deeply impacted by it, and little did I dream that years later, we would be both collaborating on a Facebook group we run.

Bill speaks his mind, and I’m not always in agreement with his views. Only despots, fundamentalists and extremely insecure individuals in any walk of life demand from others full agreement with their personal opinions or theologies. That’s why my website, RuffleMission is a place were I am happy to post not only my own views, but the views of others who are respected within their fields of expertise. And DeArteaga has a proven track record within the ancient Christian tradition of healing and deliverance.

If we do not have an informed debate over current issues – including those focusing around LGBT rights in general and the transgender issue in this instance – then we discredit the history of Western philosophy and learning over the past centuries. While not claiming that our forefathers always got things right, (they didn’t!) and also accepting that changing social conditions require new approaches to age-old questions, none-the-less, to ditch our prior shared reasoning not only makes for poor theology, but is also tantamount to total insanity.

DeArteaga argues in this essay that a thoughtful and thorough reconsideration of Biblical instances and illustrations of oppression and possession by malignant spirits should not be excluded from the modern academy. This includes not disallowing the clear instances of the manner in which Jesus Christ confronted and dealt with and expelled such evil forces from individuals. It is clearly disingenuous to dismiss, as many do, such clearly preserved historical examples with a mere “Well, that was then, and this is now” shrug of the shoulders.

Finally, in presenting this essay, I wish to convey to my own dearly beloved LGBT friends and well-wishers – many of whom I know personally (as in face to face) that nothing here should be seen as a judgement against you personally. I hold your humanity and right to choose in the uttermost respect. And I wish to go on record here that I have transgender, homosexual and other friends who have been amazing and trusted helps to me personally in their shared openness and friendship towards me. My only hesitancy in re-publishing this article is that I do not wish to seen to be endorsing a condemnation on the full humanity and sanctity of life of these my friends. I’m sure that William also shares my sentiments in this. We are here to help heal – never to condemn.

With all that in view, and at the Rev. Dr. DeArteaga’s personal request, I am pleased to be posting here one of his more controversial blog posts.

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