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martin-smith-29-3-19-tbn-greenrm-01BEEN BUSY HERE!

It’s been a busy season! The main work on my site re-build is complete. Just as we as children of God are constantly “works in progress” so are websites, and I’m adding new material on a weekly basis – check the new menu system to see for yourself. [Me (left) with UCB DJ Mike Rimmer at Martin Smith’s new album launch party.]

Kent Henry Live-edit-5-May-2019KENT HENRY & CARRIAGE HOUSE WORSHIP:

In March, legendary worship leader Kent Henry began doing a weekly live webcast over Facebook. Although we’ve not been face to face for many a year, Kent and I go way back to the St. Louis days before Hosanna! Integrity music was born, when Kent was worship leading and I co-led a drama group at the legendary “Sheep Shed” in Maryland Heights, Missouri – a major birthplace of the Contemporary Christian Worship scene. So I’ve a new page is dedicated to Kent’s recent work – including links to the live sessions recorded early May, 2019. You can listen in free to over 4 hours of worship – not to be missed – HERE.

dearteaga-thumbnailREV. DR. WILLIAM DÉ ARTEAGA:

Around the same time, my good friend, William dé Arteaga had his well-respected blog “Anglican Pentecostal” pulled by Google for no reason and I’ve been able to work with him in restoring some of his “lost” blog posts in a new section, with more to follow, HERE.


Jeri Heri picking flowers at the Lighthouse Ranch in 1972.


Another major work has been archiving material from the Jesus Movement in the early 1970s. Focusing on the work of Gospel Outreach and Lighthouse Ranch in northern California, my site is now hosting 2 films and a growling collection of audios – HERE.



I started this project ten years ago as a tribute to my late father, Denis Ruffle. As such the main focus of my website was putting hard to find Bibles and spiritual books here online, (including for the first time anywhere ALL of E. M. Bounds books on prayer – and totally free of charge, HERE.


Without any advertising, the website took off, and there has been rarely a day since going live in 2011 when the site has not had visitors. All the original material is still there, with far easier menu system that also works really well on mobile devices. So please do enjoy the new content as well as using the resources – I’ve around 20 English translations of the Bible resident on the site as well as links to children’s Bibles and translations in over 100 languages, HERE.

John Glad March 2019-crop


As Gladdys and I continue to build this exciting and fast outreaching project, we value your prayers above all. Yet to come are some exciting never-before released music from the Jesus Movement era, as well as more audio teaching from legendary pioneer preacher Jim Durkin and more videos. May God bless you richly as together we seek to love and serve our Lord Jesus. Amen!


Author: John E Ruffle

As a redeemed, recycled 1970s Californian Jesus Freak, John has faced too many extreme situations and sticky wickets through the years to mention here. Returning to his native England, John was actively involved in mission and outreach and taught English in a Further Education college in London until retiring in 2017. After a ten-year journey into a deeper appreciation of the historic Christianity, in 2013 John was received into the Catholic Church where he now serves in a lay capacity. Yet foundational to his faith has always been his experiences living in Gospel Outreach - an orthodox evangelical Christian commune in the USA. He is still in touch with many of his original “Jesus Freak” generation buddies. John serves as co-leader of a local Catholic Charismatic prayer group and writes to instruct and inspire. Prior to Pope Francis' election in March 2013, John accurately predicted in his personal journal that the new pope would choose either the name John or Francis. Currently, John is engaged in researching the 1967-1977 American 'Jesus People Movement' that saw tens of thousands of hippies coming to Christian discipleship through communes, coffee houses, and street outreach. He has been revitalising his ministry website at http://www.rufflemission.org throughout 2019 and is writing a devotional. John and his Filipino wife Gladdys have one boy, several stray cats that appear and disappear at will, and a growing extended family both in the UK and abroad. They make their home in Birmingham, England where they love to praise and worship Jesus. Still young at heart, John is passionate about engaging young adults in the faith, particularly though relational small groups.

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