Live Worship Intercession from St. Louis Missouri

“Kent introduced me to a depth of worship that was hidden within my heart in the riches of Jesus, but that I’d never heard expressed during all my years in the ex-hippy Jesus Movement in California.” – John Ruffle

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Carriage House Ministries Live Worship & Intercession with Kent Henry.

Listen and be enriched with some of the intercessory worship that blesses my own life. This live session with Kent Henry was recorded just yesterday. Go to my worship page for more. Kent was very influential in my own life in the late 1970s. Kent introduced me to a depth of worship that was hidden within my heart in the riches of Jesus, but that I’d never heard expressed during all my years in the ex-hippy Jesus Movement back in California.

More than that, he personally mentored me during my St. Louis years, helping me to see who God had created me to be in Christ. Forty years on, and despite having recorded 6 Integrity-Hosanna album releases, and having shunned the earthly spotlight of fame to bask in the Light that comes from heaven, his worship today is as fresh as ever. Kent, with his beautiful wife Carla of over 40 years, have raised a wonderful family of worshippers ready for the new generation.

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Author: John E Ruffle

As a redeemed, recycled 1970s Californian Jesus Freak, John has faced many extreme situations and sticky wickets. He has shared the grass-roots Jesus-message in streets and churches in, among other places, Kathmandu, Eastern-block Communist Europe, the site of the old Cavern Club and a police cell in Liverpool. Returning to England, John has taught and mentored for over as decade in the country’s Further Education sector. In 2013, he journeyed home to the Catholic faith with a renewed appreciation of the sacramental presence of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. Foundational to his faith, however, has always been his experiences living in a committed shared purse Christian community in the USA. He is still in touch with many of the original “Jesus Freak” generation. John is on the leadership team of the local Catholic Charismatic prayer group, and writes prophetically to instruct and inspire. While not given to predicting the future, among other things, he fully expected Donald Trump to win the US elections and also foresaw that Britain would vote to leave the European Union – but not the mess that followed! Since 2017, John has been engaged in researching the 1967-1978 Jesus People Movement phenomenon as well as the dynamics of the hippy sub-culture that spawned it on both sides of the Atlantic. He is currently writing an eye-witness account of the era. As well as seeking historical accuracy, John is committed to making his emerging narrative engaging and relevant for today’s young Christians. John is married to Gladdys, they have one boy, several stray cats that appear and disappear at will, and a growing extended family both in the UK and abroad. They make their home in Birmingham, England.

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