The Holy Bible: the Gold Standard for Life

The Bible indeed is a divine revelation for God’s ‘gold standard’ for human life lived in harmony with our creator. The New Testament reveals how Jesus Christ restored the thread that sin had broken. SOAK in His Word. Be transformed by the acceptance of what Jesus did for YOU and me on the Cross and surrender to His life giving, forgiving power.

Although I originally uploaded the documents below a while ago,  my prayer is that those who have not yet seen them will be profoundly touched by our Lord Jesus and His Holy Spirit. May you have a journey that truly is transformational for you and your loved-ones! – 10th May, 2015.

FREE BIBLE download page: Click on the links below to read on-line; to search, save or print any or all of these versions of God’s Holy Word in PDF format files. THE 100th D. H. RUFFLE MEMORIAL LIBRARY ACQUISITION:

The Dead Sea Scrolls: Psalms


Vaticanus Image

Matthew Ch. 11 verse 8b -10a, 4th C. Greek

CEB Logo
CEB -Published in 2011

The Common English Bible (2011), tagged by the publishers as “A fresh translation to touch heart and mind”, is a translation begun in late 2008 and finished in 2011, including the Apocrypha. One hundred and twenty scholars from twenty-four denominations worked on the translation. Sample books here are reproduced with kind permission of the five publishers involved in the project, who have made them freely available. Copyright 2011. All rights reserved.



The Bread of Life


All works are in the public domain unless otherwise specified. This compilation copyright 2011, 2015, D. H. Ruffle Memorial Library. May be freely copied and distributed for legitimate not-for-profit use only. Please include a link to this page with acknowledgement intact if re-posted.

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