Christian Newsletter of the Year Awards 2013

NEW for 2014:
The D. H. Ruffle Memorial Library Launches the Christian Newsletter of the Year Awards 2013.

It’s good to stay in touch with our faith both historically (which is the point of my collection of over 100 free downloads here) and with events as they happen around the world today. And that’s where Christian newsletters, feed and blogs come in. I’ve selected the top 6 newsletters that have helped inform and inspire me during the past 12 months.

#5: The Catholic News Agency

#4: Christianity Today

#3: The Christian Post Daily Newsletter

#2: UCA News: Catholic News Asia


JOINT NUMBER ONE WINNERS: Charisma News and New Advent: Catholic News.

Joint #1: Charisma News

     Charisma News realizes that the Body of Christ is bigger and more diverse than just the charismatic movement, while remaining faithful to their Biblical roots. They have a multitude of FREE newsletter resources they mail out if requested, reporting on what’s happening (mainly) in the North American neo-penticostal and new church scene.

     Charisma News gets the award for challenging the excesses of the wealth and prosperity preaching variety of mega-church pastors, who really DO live what they preach. Unfortunately.


Joint #1: New Advent: Catholic News

     New Advent Catholic News helps you discover the Jesus-loving church that is the Catholics’ best kept secret. Launched by Kevin Knight after the 1993 World Youth Day led by Pope John Paul II, it began as an online resource project -much like my own here- but in Kevin’s case, to digitize the 1913_Catholic_Encyclopedia. But New Advent has grown to be much more, with its regular newsletters unfailingly putting the finger on the pulse on what’s happening in the Catholic Christian world.

     New Advent gets the award for remaining independent while at the same time being faithful to the Catholic Church, which can be quite hierarchical at times. Even under Pope Francis.


PS: I struggled for ages over who to award the top spot to, and I finally decided I had to make a JOINT TOP AWARD. It so happens that one’s Catholic and the other Protestant, which makes me doubly happy. Both Charisma News and New Advent have been of immeasurable help for me to personally keep abreast last year of what really counted in terms of keeping my personal faith in Jesus relevant, scriptural and inspired. I hope these FREE Newsletters help you too during 2014.

Enjoy the faith journey!
Brother John Ruffle
Founder, The D.H.Ruffle Memorial Library.



3 thoughts on “Christian Newsletter of the Year Awards 2013”

  1. My inquiry is one of seeking permission to replicate and electronically publish Zaine Ridling BIBLE ATLAS images as a Bible study module and whether I can gain financially from my efforts in any way. Thank you very much for your time, Mr R. P. Billings.

    1. Zaine Ridling appears to be a bit of a cyber warrior. What I mean is, I think he is of the opinion that everything should be free on the Net.

      Now I think that copyrighting a scanned work in the public domain should be outlawed. If you don’t want others to use your scans freely, then don’t upload them. (But we DO try to respect other people’s copyright on this site.)

      The reason I say this is because Ridling now has a “matching” complete copy of the NRSV Bible online. Now, there is NO WAY this is public domain (although a strong argument can be made that ALL Bibles should have a Wiki Commons licence or be in the public domain). I’ve got an email address for him and have attempted contact, but so far, to no avail.

      If you plan to go into print on a profit-making venture, I would advise strongly against using the Zaine Atlas or parts thereof. I realise I’ve changed my tune a little, but I’m beginning to suspect that the work may not have originated from Zaine Ridling. Having said that, no one else is coming out of the woodwork and claiming copyright, and I have no intention of deleting my digital file from the site here – unless clear evidence emerged that the work is in fact copyright protected. That evidence does not at present exsist. But remember, no one gets a single penny or cent from running this digital library, so it sure is “not for profit!! Hope this helps. -John

  2. John, I came across your name a couple of days ago when seeking to research Zaine Ridling and/or the Access Foundation. As a former overseas missionary & current pastor (EFCA), thank you for gathering resources. Based on your words above, I think you are coming to the conclusion that Ridling’s behavior is fishy. I agree totally. Here are some conclusions of my research. 1) It is fishy that practically nothing is available on either him, or the “foundation.” 2) It is fishy that his, where the Atlas was once available, is essentially dead, with pretend gobbledygook when one goes to the homepage. The only way I could know about how the website used to be was by going to the Wayback Machine (, along with some 2004 posts from Debian Linux folks (Ridling describes himself as a “Linux captive”) about how Ridling’s had the bizarre combination of the Bible Atlas, and porn pics. This link,, summarizes, but you can follow the connected threads for a bit more info. (The context is actually about e-sword, which is a great resource.) 3) It is considered unprofessional for anyone publishing professionally (granted, numerous e-books seem not to fit this category) to put their credentials (like Ridling’s “Ph.D”) on a book cover to give weight to their words. It typically goes elsewhere. Seems to be trying a bit too hard. If he truly were an author/scholar, wouldn’t he surface somewhere, anywhere, that is clearly legit? An old Google+ profile of Ridling has him listing his degrees (BA, MS, PhD) with years, but with no institution listed and no degree specificity. 3) Importantly, he is an aggressive atheist. Look at his Google+ account to see this. The sheer volume of pics & posts that one has to go through is ridiculous (mostly on ballet), but go down far enough & he shows his hand. Some are outright blasphemous. Which leads to the question, why release “Bible Atlas?” My conclusion is that he gets his jollies from thinking to himself how stupid Christians are, passing along his (most likely) illegal “atlas,” which appears to be simply made up of scans of copyrighted maps of the NRSV Bible. A friend suggests that by the effort he is simply trying to make a name for himself (“Author of…”) that he’ll use down the road elsewhere. Since the ends never justify the means, I will look for electronic Bible maps elsewhere. I leave it to you to pray through what the Lord would have you do regarding distributing something with Ridling’s name. May the Lord give us all wisdom.

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