The Zaine Ridling BIBLE ATLAS

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Atlas Sample Pge

This full colour Bible Atlas is a 197 page gem, edited by Zaine Ridling, Ph.D, and published by the Access Foundation. This is a recent work, containing 132 high quality, informative maps showing physical geography and the historical changes of Old and New Testaments. Just one of a dozen Bible Study aids  for free download!

Copyright Access Foundation. Used by permission. This work is available for non-profit educational and academic purposes.

12 thoughts on “The Zaine Ridling BIBLE ATLAS”

  1. Hi John,

    Thanks for offering this up on here! I saw your comments about this being in the public domain. I just wanted to confirm about this, as I work for a printing company and we print the KJV and wanted to add maps for this and these are the only good maps in the public domain that I have found. As long as we reference the author/foundation, it should be fine to print in the KJV Bible, correct?

    1. Regrettably, the Bible Atlas might be deleted at some point during 2019; however not before I can replace it with something else, subject to copyright.

  2. Ben you might like to “follow” this website/blog, as then you’ll get updated when we add important material. Also, the appearance (but not the URL) may change (I’ve just changed it!) as we attempt to make this the most useful tool we can for our users. FYI, I have yet to find ANY info on the Access Foundation. I added the copyrigth notice on this page, only in order to protect the work, in the highly unlikely event that someone DOES surface claiming copyright. I’ve done everything possible to ensure that none of the downloads on the site violate existing copyright, but I am always open to correction! February I;ve not aded any new volumes, not becasue I don;t have them, but I’ve been building my other project which is HERE Enjoy! -John

  3. Hi. Can you tell me how you obtained permission to use this atlas? I have a friend who wants to use it in a dissertation he wants to publish, but we can’t locate the information on how to contact them for permissions.


    1. My understanding is that the work, published by the Access Foundaton (2006) is in the public domain, or at least that the author is not asserting his copyright, and therefore may be used with proper attributation. Zaine Ridling also wrote Philosophy: Then and Now. A look back at 26 centuries of thought” (Access Foundaton, 2001) and “Anselm and the Logic of Illusion & Rapid Recall A Spiritual Approach”. I would also include the URL of the particular website from where you download your copy. Feel free to download and re-use as needs from my site here. -Hope this helps. -John

    2. My apologies, I have been doing a lot of mission work when not teaching, so have been unable to update the Site as I should wish. Hope it is still a valuable tool fro many, and judging by the steady stream of hits, it appears that it is. -JR

    3. I think it is safe to say that the Atlas is Public Domain, as it has proved impossible to source an original copyright owner, or the owner no longer has a Web presence. (..I tried hard!) I think your friend will be safe using it, with proper references of course. My apologies for such a late reply! -JR

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