“Bartholomew & World Missions” -Inaugural Message

– View or download: Bartholomew & World Missions -a sermon

Be the first to taste the first uploaded digital volume in the pre-launch of the ‘D. H. Ruffle Memorial Discipleship Library’.

This sermon was preached by the Bishop of New Zealand to the gathered national church mission leadership in the Cathedral Church of Salisbury, New Zealand. Although preached nearly 150 years ago, (on the 29th August, 1854), the words still ring out, resonating via the internet today. “We are called this day to a great and holy work: no less than the fulfilment of our part of the commandment of our Blessed Lord, to “go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.”  Let this, then, be our determination in this new digital age in which the Church finds herself. And may we give glory to the Lord Jesus Christ who saves us, Amen!  (26 pages; PDF format file)


One thought on ““Bartholomew & World Missions” -Inaugural Message”

  1. Thank you John for all you do in helping others in need or in distress, Your sterling work in the Order of St James and commitment to many children in the Philippines speaks volumes of your commitment as a Christian Brother in Christ and Priest. Thank you also for building the Theological library this is a most worthy commitment. It allows so many more in the world to access the good word of the Gospel(s) where in many countries possessing a hard copy of a Bible or Christian document could render the person subject to imprisonment and torture. We know too well ourselves, what many have suffered. For me John it has always been an honour and privilege to have known you as a friend and more so as a Brother in Christ Priest and member of the Order of St. James. May this most worthy cause open up the doors for many more to enquire about our Order and seek to join alongside us in bringing peace and genuine humanitarian help to so many having suffered pain and distress in their lives. May the Lord protect you John and walk alongside you ALWAYS on this earthly journey. All our blessings. Fr David and Anne Bennett. OSJ / Liberal Catholic Church

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