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BIBLE pdf: Young’s Literal Translation of the Bible

– View or download: Young’s Literal Translation of the Old and New Testament.

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Young's Literal Translation

Originally published in 1862, the YLT Bible is a worthy translation that takes special care to render the Hebrew and Greek tenses as accurately as possible, and was updated several times during the 19th century. This complete Bible includes both Old and New Testaments in a single PDF file. You may save it to your PC, print, and even ‘copy & paste’ selected texts to a word-processor or email. An invaluable resource for all Bible scholars, preachers and teachers!

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As a recycled 1970s Jesus Freak, John spear-headed numerous Christian projects around the world and mentored many before his journey home to the Catholic faith and the sacramental presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ. John is an English lecturer and is the founding editor of the online 'D. H. Ruffle Memorial Library' which has over 100 Christian books available as free digital downloads.


2 thoughts on “BIBLE pdf: Young’s Literal Translation of the Bible

  1. Young did not translate all phrases from the Bible literally. The translator’s theology is imbued. For example, in Genesis, there is no “deep”, In the Hebrew, the word is used with a personal-name “prefix”. The name is Tehom, possibly another name for Tiamat,the ancient mythical dragon of chaos: “and darkness was over the face of Tehom.” NOW you get a better sense of the author(s) beliefs… or at least the beliefs that shaped their world. Another example is “Heaven and Earth”. Those should be translated “Sky and land”, unless you think birds fly in Heaven, because the word translated as “Heaven” is the same word used for where birds fly.

    Posted by Ralph | March 24, 2013, 22:08
    • Very interesting comment, and much appreciated! There were a lot of strange interpretations flying around towards the end of the 19th Century, as we know. I will enjoy looking into your comment more when not under too much time pressure. -JR

      Posted by johnruffle | July 17, 2013, 08:08

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